How do I order?

Every item sold is via my website shop sold on a first come first served basis. I am unable to reserve items for customers or offer a pre-order service.

There aren’t many colour options on your shop - my favourite one isn’t listed, why is this?

This is because it has sold out - (or it hasn’t dropped yet)! I produce all my items in very small quantities due to sourcing the preloved fabrics in small quantities. Each fabric/colour way that is made up will have a very limited stock, once its gone its gone!

Will you be bringing back any fabric colour ways that have sold out?

Every fabric colourway that’s sold is a one-off batch, meaning it will most likely not come back. Sometimes I am able to source a similar or the same fabric again due to it being widely available and common Eg. Black Canvas. This is, however, not guaranteed with any fabric colourway. If you like the item it is best to secure your purchase before it sells out.

How often do you release new products?

This can vary, but I hope to be bringing new products to my shop every few weeks - Keep an eye out on my Instagram for updates on the next drop and new fabrics coming.

Do you offer a made to order or bespoke service?

Unfortunately not.

Can I recommend fabrics that I want to see your products being made in?

Yes! I love hearing suggestions - please send me a DM on Instagram with fabrics you’d like to see @manners.made.